Counterintuitive, but true!

Each problem is an opportunity. It’s not really the first thought that comes to our mind when there is a bump in our road, but it is what it is.

Each problem is an opportunity to pause and think about what we’re going through.

To stop going with the flow and step back from all the noise and agitation.

First thing we could ask ourselves instead of Why am I stuck? Is How do I feel?

Do you feel alone in adversity, incompetent, sad, upset, lost, ridiculous, impatient, ashamed, disappointed…? Naming how you feel precisely will help you find a way out.

Maybe being stuck is an opportunity for you to reach out for moral support, to delegate some tasks, to share your experience with friends, to stop hanging out with some people, to target another type of clients, to question your values and redefine your boundaries, to try a new way of planning and organizing your days…

Or maybe there is no immediate solution to your current problem, would it be acceptable?

Is giving up ever an option for you? If you are determined to persevere, how long are you ready to bear that discomfort you are experiencing now?

Try not to let rational arguments blind you and think with your heart, not with your head.

Each problem is an opportunity to reinforce self-confidence and trust in others.

Who do you not trust enough, or on the contrary, who do you always trust unconditionally in spite of all the red flags? Can you find reasons why? Who are you afraid to reach out to when you know they could help you out of this?

If someone you care about was going through the exact same situation, what would you tell them?

Each problem is an opportunity to tackle a new challenge.

Instead of feeling weaker and weaker when the going gets tougher and tougher, you could cease these opportunities to listen to yourself and develop an aspect of your personality. Is it time for you to show more courage, humility, tenacity, generosity, discretion, sense of humor…?

Whenever a problem comes your way, try to go beyond frustration and remember that constraints can be creativity boosters.