I don’t mean that coaches are Gods, obviously not, most of us are really down to earth creatures 😉 I just want to say that it takes two to make the magic happen, the coachee and the coach are both committed to common success.

A winning team

A coach is not going to “fix” anything in a couple of sessions, but he/she is going to be by your side while you’re making the significant changes you aspire to. You’ll be provided with a careful ear, tips to move forward, accountability, and great support in any circumstances. But YOU will lose the extra weight, increase the family income, clean the house, start a new business, find love, etc.. thanks to your efforts. YOU will be the superhero in the end.

Action-oriented support

In the personal development field, many people believe in the law of attraction and the power of affirmations, and why not? I am all for thinking that the Universe has my back too. I meditate regularly and I think it is a fantastic way to connect to one's true self and to others’ vibrations. But without taking actions related to your goals, you are unlikely to succeed. Most of the time wishing is not enough.

Coaches are thinking partners; they help coachees have a different perspective on their reality in order to get unstuck and move forward.


The coaching relationship is a sort of a dance. It's all about being in synch with the flow. The coach adapts to the coachee's immediate concerns while keeping the big picture in mind. The coachee leads the dance, the coach makes sure they gain momentum. They keep moving together, one step at a time, towards the coachee's goals.

I want that!

If you feel you are ready to step up and head to the next level of your life, I recommend you check out Coach.me.com and find a coach. I've been coaching on this platform since 2017, we're a great team. You will get top-quality support to form new habits or get rid of unhelpful behaviors.

We're here for you, so help yourself, you deserve it!