What's your personal ecosystem?

Summertime is a good opportunity to relax, change routines and switch to self-care mode. Here are a few tricks to help you keep the good vibe and positive energy all year round.

Preserve your own energetic system
The way we handle our daily energy has direct consequences on our lives:
It influences our mood and our productivity. It affects our families, coworkers and everyone we interact with.
Being aware of that allows to reduce toxic ripples on our own environment.

It is possible to act on the fatigue before burning-out. When you get up feeling tired and end up your day crashing on the couch more often than not is the right moment to ask yourself:

  • When do I have a high level of energy?
  • What gives me the best energy?
  • What sucks up my energy?

Relieve your mental load
Obviously, this is not about putting all the burden on someone else’s shoulders and giving up all responsibilities overnight. That being said, sharing chores and draining activities is a crucial topic, whether at home or work.

The collective awareness that individual well-being is a resource to cherish and treasure is crucial to function and blossom.

The following questions can help get clarity on any given situation:

  • What are the draining activities?
  • How can I/we reduce or suppress them?
  • If they can not be cut down, how can I/we get help with them?

Think sustainable development
That means finding balance between satisfaction of instant pleasure and long-term health. This is a huge challenge, especially today.

How to enjoy the abundance within somehow easy reach without destructing yourself?
How to make the most of the infinite possibilities of connections to others without becoming addicted?
How to appreciate immediate and unlimited access to knowledge without getting lost?

You can start reflecting on these topics by asking yourself:

  • How can I avoid polluting my brain with useless and toxic information?
  • What makes me feel fit?
  • How can I regenerate daily?

Reviewing your priorities, setting boundaries and having a global vision of the way you manage your energy will allow you to create a personal ecosystem. You will then form a unique set of habits and become more productive, perseverant and resilient.
This is the best way to lean towards a sustainable well-being, a stronger self-confidence and better relationships.