What are your guiding lines?

Have you ever thought about the core principles and convictions that rule your life? Most of the time we are in autopilot when it comes to making decisions and taking action. We act and react to whatever happens following patterns and emotions without being fully aware of our inner modus operandi.

If you are not fully happy right now, you might want to take a closer look at these powerful deeply anchored principles and convictions. They may not be aligned with your current lifestyle or in conflict with the one you are aspiring to.

1- Ask yourself what is at the root of your decisions?

Honesty, efficiency, altruism, pleasure, opportunity, sense of duty…? Whenever you are facing a dilemna, what force is going to tip the scale? What do you value most? What is your weak spot? What do you easily surrender to?

2-How do you take action?

Do you follow your guts and just go with the flow? Do you review pros and cons in an extensive way before doing anything? Do you feel your actions have to be loyal to  your family’s ideas and history? Is it important for you to conform to your own past behaviours?

Make necessary adjustments

If something feels off, don't blame yourself. Your process might have suited you well for years but thoughts and beliefs evolve as we walk through life. And that's ok if you feel different now. It is always possible to make adjustments.

  • Notice times when you feel peaceful and in great shape. What is bringing happiness? When are you being your best self? Can you identify patterns here? A virtuous circle?
  • Pay attention to moments when you have no energy at all. Try to get rid of all external causes of distress (like the weather, traffic jams, other people…), they often turn out to be excuses to avoid our own insecurities. What can you do differently to be in tune with your current values and aspirations?

It is going to take some courage to face all this, but it is really worth it. It sometimes only takes a few tweaks to regain a sustainable serenity.